A respectful way to learn about our Amish neighbors and an enjoyable way to visit them and their shops.
“Wonderful, peaceful. Very accurate directions. Delightful people!”
Where to Rent The Amish Backroads Tour CD is available to rent for $26 from the following businesses. Amish Experience 105 Parkway Ave. N. Lanesboro, MN (507) 467-2992 Stone Mill Inn & Hotel/Lanesboro Feed Mill 102 Beacon St. E. Lanesboro, MN (507) 467-8663 The Village Depot or Amish Connection 90 2nd St. NE in Harmony, MN (507) 886-2409
Please feel free to call these businesses if you need more information. They will be happy to answer your questions.
My family and I have lived in the Root River region since 1997. I am the owner of Marketplace Media Company and have also been an educator and public speaker.
Licensed for one device. Starts in Lanesboro, MN.
Before you buy: Please note that the Amish shops are generally open Monday through Saturday year round except for Christian holidays. We do not guarantee they will be open at any given time.
RENT the CD in Lanesboro or Harmony, Minnesota $26 or BUY the Download $19.95
Rent or Buy!
BUY the MP3 Download NOW for $19.95 iPhone Users: iPhones will NOT download the files directly to your phone. They can be downloaded to iTunes using your Mac. If you have any problems, please email us and we will respond promptly. Email: Les@MarketplaceMediaCompany.com
You may also contact us at Les@MarketplaceMediaCompany.com
What forms of payment may I use when renting the CD? The businesses that rent the CD’s accept credit cards, checks or cash. Note: If you desire to purchase goods from the Amish shops, you will need to bring cash or checks as the Amish are not set up to receive credit cards.